PIFDumper Steppable

This steppable does the opposite to PIFIitialize``r it writes PIF file of current lattice configuration. The syntax similar to the syntax of ``PIFInitializer:

<Steppable Type="PIFDumper" Frequency=”100”>

Notice that we used Frequency attribute of steppable to ensure that PIF files are written every 100 MCS. Without it they would be written every MCS. The file names will have the following format: PIFName.MCS.pif

In our case they would be line.0.pif, line.100.pif, line.200.pif, etc…

This module is actually quite useful. For example, if we want to start simulation from a more configuration of cells (not rectangular cells as this is the case when we use Uniform or Blob initializers). In such a case we would run a simulation with a PIFDumper included and once the cell configuration reaches desired shape we would stop and use PIF file corresponding to this state. Once we have PIF initial configuration we may run many simulation starting from the same, realistic initial condition.


Restarting simulation from a given configuration is actually even easier in the recent versions of CC3D. All you have to do is to create .``cc3d`` project where you add serialization optyion CC3D will be savbing complete snapshots of the simulation (including PIF files) and you can easily restart the simulation from a given end-point of the previous run. For more details see “Python Scripting Manual” https://pythonscriptingmanual.readthedocs.io/en/latest/restarting_simulations.html?highlight=restart


You can also generate PIF file from the current simulation snapshot by using Player tool: Tools->Generate PIF file from current snapshot…