BoxWatcher Steppable


Functionality of this module has been reduced in CC3D versions that support parallel computations (3.6.0 and up). Main motivation for this module was to speed up computations but with parallel version the need for this module is somewhat smaller.

This steppable can potentially speed-up your simulation. Every MCS (or every Frequency MCS) it determines maximum and minimum coordinates of cells and then imposes slightly bigger box around cells and ensures that in the subsequent MCS pixel copy attempts take place only inside this box containing cells (plus some amount of medium on the sides). Thus, instead of sweeping entire lattice and attempting random pixel copies CompuCell3D will only spend time trying flips inside the box. Depending on the simulation the performance gains are up to approx. 30%. The steppable will work best if you have simulation with cells localized in one region of the lattice with lots of empty space. The steppable will adjust box every MCS (or every Frequency MCS) according to evolving cellular pattern.

The syntax is as follows:

All that is required is to specify amount of extra space (expressed in units of pixels) that needs to be added to a tight box i.e. the box whose sides just touch most peripheral cells’ pixels.