ConvergentExtension plugin


This is very specialized plugin which currently is in Tier 2 plugins in terms of support. It attempts to implement energy term described in “Simulating Convergent Extension by Way of Anisotropic Differemtial Adhesion”, Zajac M, Jones GL, and Glazier JA, Journal of Theoretical Biology 222 (2), 2003. However due to certain ambiguities in the plugin description we had difficulties to getting it to work properly.


A better way to implement convergent extension is to follow the simulations described in “Filopodial-Tension Model of Convergent-Extension of Tissues”, Julio M. Belmonte , Maciej H. Swat, James A. Glazier, PLoS Comp Bio

ConvergentExtension plugin presented here is a somewhat simplified version of energy term described Mark Zajac’s paper.

This plugin uses the following syntax:

The Alpha tag represents numerical value of α parameter from the paper.